Semi- Permanent cosmetics can be used to improve the definition, symmetry and fullness of your lips.

Whether you simply want to add a youthful flush of colour to faded lips, improve the definition of your lip line, or even have a fully redefined lip contour, it is all achievable with semi- permanent cosmetics.

Restore the shape and natural colour of your lips

Get the pout you have always wanted – without the need for fillers

Correct asymmetrical lip lines for a more proportionate shaped mouth

Lip Contour

The lip contours of most people will fade over time, giving the appearance of thin older looking lips. This fantastic entry-level treatment will give you a more youthful, defined lip contour.

Lip Blush

The lip blush includes all the benefits of the lip contour, but with the addition of adding a youthful flush of colour to the body of your lips. Most clients feel it is worth having this extra touch, as it gives the lips an overall fresh and natural look.

Full Lip Colour

If your goal is fuller lips a Full Lip treatment does wonders. Permanent makeup can create fuller looking lips far more effectively than Botox or fillers can. It is really the only thing that can effectively correct asymmetry. A “Full Lip” treatment is a combination of lip liner and lip colour. The use of a soft lip liner can redefine the shape of lips and corrections in asymmetry and shape.

Important: If you get cold sores or have ever had one in the past you will need an antiviral prescription from your doctor before a lip procedure. Physicians usually instruct to take it 2 days before.

A Permanent Lip Treatment Can Dramatically Improve:

  1. Lip Definition
  2. Symmetry
  3. Loss of colour from the aging process
  4. Darkening of colour due to smoking
  5. Thin Lips
  6. Ashy Colour

The result is a youthful pout enhanced with the colour of your choice. No more smudging or bleeding and having to reapply throughout the day. Now you can look fresh all day long!

Treatment Summary

Booking length – Allow 2 hours for first visit, 60 mins top up

Back To Work – Immediate

Anaesthetic – Topical

Recommended Number of Treatments – 2 for lip blush, 3 or more for full lipstick colour

Full Recovery – 5 days

Sensitivity Period – Couple of hours, for some may last into evening

Duration Of Results – Annual top up required to keep colour looking fresh

Risks & Complications – Infection if aftercare not adhered to.  For those with a history of cold sores, they are likely to be activated.  Your doctor can prescribe preventative tablets

PRICES of Semi-Permanent Lips (inc. 2th visit):

Lip contour £120

Lip blush £180

Full lips £250


6-10 months £40

10-12 months £80

after one year full price