This is a specialised treatment which introduces negatively charged ionised water soluble products via a galvanic current into the deep layers of the skin tissues to treat a range of skin types and conditions.

The treatment includes:

Manual cleanse, skin analysis and exfoliation

Application of galvanic current and a desincrustation gel to deep cleanse the skin tissues, removing dead skin cells and revealing a fresh new layer of skin


The application of a specialised ionised gel to treat skin condition and type present and then reversing the polarity to close pores and firm the tissues

Introduction of a high frequency current which reduces the pores and introduces oxygen having both a germicidal effect which aids healing of skin tissues as well as increasing the circulation to induce warmth and relaxation

Massage and a mask, tone and moisturiser, leaving the skin looking revitalised, smoother and younger looking.

The benefits of this treatment include:

  • Deep cleansing

  • Clearer skin

  • Removal of areas of congestion, black head

  • Hydration to dry skin tissues

  • Improved oxygen levels

  • Improved moisture retention

  • Relaxation

  • Increased cell regeneration

  • Spot reduction and healing

  • Revitalises skin tissues

  • Anti-ageing treatment


Skin diseases/disorders, hyper-sensitive skin

Bruising, swelling, acute inflammation

Avoid any areas with warts, cuts or abrasions

Recent operations in the concerned areas

Recent fractures of the concerned areas

Epilepsy (if not on medication)

Recent scar tissue

Tumours or unrecognised lumps



Any viral infection e.g. flu, lymphatic disorder, eye infections e.g. conjunctivitis, cold sores

Pacemakers, metal plates/pins in the immediate area for treatment

Severe asthmatic conditions